Top 4 Benefits of Moving to SaaS

By Cynthia Kortuem-Langston - Customer Marketing Manager at Certent Moving from on-premise software to a SaaS solution certainly isn't a new concept, and yet here we stand in 2018 with large enterprises continuing to hold onto the older deployment model. Many do so for sound business reasons, others just because "it's the way we do it."  However, the exercise of considering the benefits is still a fair process. In a 2017 Forbes article on the topic of switching to SaaS, “SaaS (solutions)… allow your business to operate at the forefront of software development.”

I recently sat down with Mobeen Bajwa, Senior Vice President of Product Development & Engineering at Certent, and asked him what the top reasons to move to a SaaS solution are. Here are four key takeaways from our discussion:

Lower total cost of ownership

SaaS solutions enable organizations to reduce IT overhead and increase utilization rates using less hardware. Because your internal IT organization doesn't need to install or operate the solution, you can reduce or bypass any IT backlog and get started with a lower upfront cost. The costs of switching in the long run typically make financial sense for any organization rather than owning the labor and processing of upgrades to multiple machines often across many divisions.


I would say the next big reason is Security. If you go to a provider SaaS solution, such as Certent who serves thousands of customers, we must make sure that the data is secure. The latest audits must be done making sure the solution and underlying data security is compliant with the latest regulations. Going with a SaaS solution allows you to make sure that the vendor is taking care of all of this and not use your local resources. Plus, as data centers can now be easily online in accordance with your company specifications and government regulations.


Organizations can add users as needed without worrying about procuring new hardware and other infrastructure components. Because the software is accessed via a web portal via user id's and passwords when a new employee comes aboard

Features and upgrades

Last but not least is just keeping up to date with the latest features and upgrades. With a SaaS solution, you’ll be guaranteed that you’re on the latest and greatest. The effort to implement and move you over will be the vendor's responsibility. The Certent team deploys, maintains and updates the solution, including data backups, disaster recovery and monitoring.

Visit our solutions page to learn more about Certent's CDM SaaS solution.

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