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TD Ameritrade and Certent Work Together To Bring Enhanced Equity Solutions To Clients

 Since 2005, Certent has been working with the leading brokerage firms in the U.S. equity compensation market. Certent implemented a broker partner strategy early in our business because we believe in leading from our strengths. Certent’s solid equity management solutions combined with the deep financial expertise & portfolio services from leading brokers, is the best solution for customers.  We’re the only firm in the industry with the focus and scale to work with over ten broker partners to establish a happy, growing client portfolio and serve more market segments that might not otherwise be possible given the economics of the market.TD_Ameritrade

Several of these firms are selecting Certent as an institutional provider and a technology partner for their administration businesses.  Today’s news marks the next step in an already successful 5-year relationship, with a solid base of joint clients to build from. As TD Ameritrade looks to expand its footprint in the stock plan space, it decided to offer customers who want full administration of their infrastructure the Certent stock plan management platform as the backbone of their offering.

 Certent is a unique business in its ability to have successful co-selling relationships with many and an open technology platform, built for equity administration and reporting, including more complex service requirements. Through our alliance and selling efforts, we have amassed a customer base of several hundred publicly traded clients that connect to our various broker partners. This brings a complete end-to-end solution to the issuer in which they have far greater choice than with a completely self-contained secure system provider. Clients can run the software themselves or have Certent perform the administration services for them and easily migrate from one service level to another. Either way, our clients benefit from unparalleled expertise on the Certent team with Customer Support that is second to none.

 With the recent industry news, we’re all wondering about trends in our business and if the consolidation is done, or if this is just beginning. What will the brokerage firms do in the face of steep downward pressure on commissions? Is “build or buy” off the table as it seems securing capital for a proprietary solution would be a tough case to justify. And with a ‘build’ decision, what’s the time to market to deliver? These are only a few of the questions on the institutional end of the market that we hear. Change is a constant and disruption will continue as the market evolves.

 We believe our independence and focus on innovation, superior SaaS technologies & services for equity management & reporting gives Certent a strong business model that our customers can rely on.

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