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New! PIU Management Features for LLCs and MLPs 

By: Eric Deen, CEP, Product Manager - Reporting

We’re pleased to announce that Certent Equity Management now offers partner-owned or member-owned LLCs and MLPs the ability to record, track, and report on Profit Interest Units (PIUs). PIUs are  a grant type used by LLCs to identify a member or partner holder as having an ownership/interest in the future profits of the company, such as in a liquidity event or company discretionary payment. As with most option types, the ability to track time-based and performance-based vesting schedules for PIUs is vital, as is having the flexibility to accommodate plan adjustments, distribution methods, tax considerations, and broad reporting requirements.  Certent Equity Management now offers all that and more. 

LLCs and MLPs can now use Certent to manage their cap tables, partner or member PIU plans, and corporate governance documents.  


Certent’s PIU plan management allows companies to make ‘policy decisions’ on valuation, and it offers a library of 45 pre-built reports  to cover most aspects of administration and financial reporting required for PIUs.     


Now LLCs and MLPs can rely on Certent Equity Management to: 


  • Track participants and record PIU grants  
  • Track time-based or performance-based vesting schedules  
  • Provide cash or share distribution payout methods  
  • Apply ASU 718 or Intrinsic Value method expense management  
  • Allow participants to view and manage their PIU holdings  

These customers can also look to Certent for expert guidance on equity plan administration and management, with services that include: 


  • Quick-start implementation for LLCs under 100 members  
  • Support from Certified Equity Professionals with deep knowledge of equity compensation management  
  • Accounting, taxation, plan design, award processing, and record-keeping  
  • Outsourcing  


You can read the full announcement here, or reach out to the Certent team now to get started.  

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