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Now That The Dust Has Settled: Dealing With Difficult SEC, FASB, & IRS Concepts

There’s no doubt in this world that the regulatory and legislation worlds are constantly evolving. While some changes streamline processes and create some type of “ease”, there are other changes that add complication and burden to those that have to implement them.

In the equity world, this is very much the case. An example of this in 2018 in particular was the introduction of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act --which had passed late in 2017. Some changes, there was no other way to navigate aside from “waiting for the dust to settle”, which made for an extremely reactive rather than pro-active process regarding decisions and procedures.

Adding to that the FASB changes in the realm of non-employee accounting, revenue recognition, modifications there was not a lack for densely intertwined concepts that required the implementation of heavy changes at the same exact time.

Join Don Gillotti from Certent and Amanda Benincasa from Aon on an adventure through all of the changes that have been implemented recently, what they mean, how to navigate them, and come away feeling more sure about your role in these changes.

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