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SEC Reporting, Only Better.

Secure Collaboration, Cost Savings, Absolute Compliance with Pixel Perfect Graphics

When you think about the end of the quarter, what keeps you awake each night? If you say your investor board meeting or SEC disclosures, you're in good company! Let's introduce you to The Art of the Investor Report. While it looks like a bunch of charts are graphs, it's storytelling at its finest.

Telling this story is a daunting challenge faced by all finance teams. From managing the collaboration of team members in different locations while maintaining security and accuracy to gathering financial data from disparate systems, the risks and costs add up. Finally, there is the challenge of creating a visually compelling document that meets your organization's brand standards, as well as regulatory requirements like those from the SEC.

With these challenges come costs. Many firms utilize manual systems and processes for regulatory report production and filing. Vast amounts of time and resources are needed to meet financial compliance requirements and can result in costly errors and re-work. Certent customers efficiently produce and format reports working within the MS Office products. This secure environment and configured workflow allowing multiple users, working from the office, or remotely to view and edit reports simultaneously without causing versioning problems, saving time and money.

The challenge persisted in how to create documents that meet an organization's communication standards within the confines of regulatory submission requirements. The solution, for some, was to add layers of complexity, time, and cost bringing in additional resources to re-work documents to improve the viewing of filings.


Today marks the day that SEC and investor reporting gets a facelift. The first wave of customers has just used Certent's High Definition (HD) Reporting to file their pixel-perfect, web-based reports with the SEC. Each story is exquisitely laid-out, looking and behaving like paper reports, while also supporting the SEC's inline XBRL regulatory requirements.

See Examples Here:

Customer #1: Annual Report – SEC Filing 20F

Customer #2: Annual Report – SEC Filing 10K

Customer #3: Annual Report – SECFiling 20F

Our CEO, Jorge Martin, exudes with unbridled enthusiasm as he says, "With the integration of this functionality directly into our Disclosure Management platform, our customers can eliminate the need for downstream publishing or post-processing, resulting in a higher quality document for a lower cost."

Brands Do Not Need to Compromise Communication Quality to meet Inline XBRL Standards, In the US or Internationally

"Internationally, regulators are adopting inline XBRL. The focus has naturally shifted from the data behind the report to how it is presented and formatted. Our customers see not just the importance of the quality of the data but also the need for high quality, fixed-layout formatting," explains Brett Alexander, Certent's SVP Products, Disclosure Management. "HD Reporting means our customers do not have to compromise between regulatory requirements and high-quality documents."

Certent customers are committed to fueling a culture of innovation. Certent's HD Reporting provides them with the tools to be leaders in communicating with stakeholders, without any compromise to regulatory reporting.

Enabling a New State of the Art in EDGARized Reporting

Annual Reports, along with other SEC filings, reflect the brand and standards organizations hold themselves to in all facets of their business. Certent is raising the definition of state-of-the-art, enabling organizations to communicate with documents that meet the requirements of EDGAR compatible files with the look and readability of a paper document.

The HD Reporting functionality in Certent Disclosure Management is available for both on-premise and cloud deployments. It addresses regulatory filing requirements like those currently set by the SEC, as well as future European requirements, like ESMA. HD Reporting is not limited to regulatory reports, and can also be used to create a high-quality viewing experience for any reports companies generate in HTML.

For more information on Certent's newest feature HD Reporting Resource Page

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