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Does your EDGAR password need to be changed?

By Jen Stretch, CPA - Manager, Professional Services at Certent

Short answer, yes, go do it now! 

On September 30, 2019, there was an update to the EDGAR Filing Website that changes the password requirements for all filers from eight to twelve characters. All filers will have (1) year from the date that they created or last changed their password to change to a new password. And, all filers must update their passwords to twelve characters before their current password expires; otherwise, a new set of EDGAR codes will need to be generated.  

And, if you don't change your password(.- you will likely be muttering expletives under your breath). If you fail to change your password before the year deadline your company's EDGAR codes. (Your super secret codes used to file your SEC reports.) will be reset and you will have get a new set of EDGAR codes for your company. Judging on how long it takes the government to issue me a new passport, I'm going to guess that getting new codes is going to involve a lot of time spent on hold listening to elevator music and/or reading nonsensical paragraphs on the - Quick Reference Guide for Edgar Access Codes, like this little gem:

"If you have forgotten your password reset passphrase, you will need to submit an Update Passphrase request in order to generate new access codes. In order to file Update Passphrase Request, please find the Update Password Request Form on the link and fill out form to completion and submit here." 

Below is some important information about your adventure into the world of "The EDGAR Password Change Process." 

Upon log in to the EDGAR Filing Website or Online Forms Management Website, filers will automatically be prompted to update their passwords to comply with the new requirements when they log into EDGAR. 

EDGAR password requirements are case sensitive and include:

  • 12 characters,
  • At least one number,
  • One of these symbols: @, #, *, $

In addition to the password requirement change, the home page of the EDGAR website now has a link to login history where filers can monitor system access. You may access this website from 6:00AM to 10:00PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday (except for federal holidays). 

If you require further assistance, please contact EDGAR Filer Support at (202) 551-8900.


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