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Disclosure Research and Peer Analysis isn’t for Dummies

There’s a sea of valuable information in your competitor’s SEC filings. But as anyone who has researched public disclosure can attest, they’re not easy to follow. It’s not just finding the filing you’re looking for, but interpreting the dense, hard to read material is both time consuming and tedious. Surely there are better ways to get after this information…

As publicized in our latest press release, we released our second eBook in a 2-part series - Disclosure Research & Peer Benchmarking For Dummies. It tackles common questions and concerns among financial reporting professionals – namely adhering to the precise reporting standards required by the SEC and better understanding your competitors to gain competitive intelligence.

It’s painfully obvious… if your organization files external reports, you’ve no doubt gone to peer filings for insight. More sophisticated methods make it a lot easier and faster to locate the info you need while turning unstructured data into understandable and actionable information.

You’re probably thinking, sure, I’d love to produce smarter disclosures. But my team is already stretched thin. You don’t need a big-company team to access this best practice. As complex as financial reporting, SEC Filings and XBRL analysis can be, this guide covers the topic in a simple and actionable way.

Read Disclosure Research & Peer Benchmarking For Dummies to uncover:

1. What Disclosure Research is, what your peers are doing, and why you should care
2. Who sees your disclosures and ensuring they’re in tip-top shape
3. What you should be looking for in a disclosure research solution
4. Ten ways a research solution can help

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