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Certent Launches a First-of-Its-Kind Global Survey for Reporting

Being deemed the “Pioneers of Financial Reporting” is a great achievement, but it also comes with it the understanding that to stay out front, Certent needs to continue to innovate our reporting solutions.

This innovation is fueled from three key sources. First and foremost, staying intimately familiar with our customer and business partner challenges helps us to build great solutions. Second, rock star engineering and development teams that live, breath and eat equity and disclosure management compliance code (and the occasional pizza) breaths life into the user experience. Finally, having keen insight into the global regulations that shape our customer’s lives and keeping our thumbs on the collective pulse of the reporting marketplace.

People who take part in financial reporting find themselves in one of two camps. The first work in companies who are publicly traded and must report to a regulatory body (iXBRL filing to the SEC, for instance), or by virtue of a government mandate to disclose certain positions in their accounting or risk profile (Solvency II in the European Union for example). The second camp concerns itself with something all businesses can easily relate to – the need to produce period-over-period performance reporting that include financial data and the narrative – or story – behind the numbers.

We all call these by different names. Internal reports, management reports, or narrative performance reports, and they come in different shapes and sizes each putting pressure on internal teams to get the numbers right. Think about board presentations often running well past 150 pages of PowerPoint slides, budgeting and forecasting reports critical to financial operations, consolidated tax positions and mutual fund reporting. Here at Certent, mentioning “Flash Reports” to a colleague will illicit a nod of understanding what it is comprised of, and the precise timing to complete the next reporting cycle.

With over 2,500 customers across our equity management, disclosure management, disclosure research and analysis platforms, it’s imperative that we take careful steps to have a deep empathy of the pains, challenges and processes that reporting professionals experience. This thoughtful approach to reporting keeps Certent focused on adding more value and accelerating an informed product roadmap.

Today, we’re announcing the opening of Certent’s 2018 Global Reporting Survey, and invite finance executives, financial planning and analysis professionals, controllers and others who operate and create internal reports for their companies to take part in this landmark study.

In addition to getting the initial report summary this summer, participants of this 17-minute survey will also be entered to win an Apple iPad Pro (or may also chose an in kind charitable donation). Responses are kept strictly private, and you’ll be able to benchmark your own reporting processes.

If you’re a CFO, VP of finance, controller, business analyst, or actively produce reporting for internal consumption in your organization, take the survey by clicking here, and pass the link along to others that play a part in preparing reports.

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