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Certent Disclosure Management adds new tools to improve the way teams build reports


If you’re in finance, you know building reports for today’s organizations is more complicated than ever. It doesn’t matter if it is a quarterly internal performance report to management or the Annual Report to company stakeholders and regulators; building accurate, insightful content takes a team.

This is why Certent created, Certent 365, a new web-based hub for Certent CDM users with tools to help financial teams work together to plan, collaborate on content, and build reports more easily.

Easy to Access Status at-a-Glance

Certent 365 focuses teams on the reporting management cycle, not on single tasks. The web-based interface provides quick access to project dashboards and planning tools, and the new Certent 365 Reviewer. The entire reporting team can now have a better view of what is going on. Even those team members who are not involved in the report building and XBRL tagging, like the CFO or senior managers, can quickly access project status or review documents with just a few clicks right in their web browser.

The Certent 365 Reviewer is an integral part of the reporting hub. Throughout the reporting-cycle, users can view pixel-perfect rendering of full documents with Certent HD Reporting. Team members can get insight into formatting, tagging, and messaging issues before they become a problem.

Certent CDM is powerful on its own, but it’s even more powerful when combined with Certent 365. With both precise control of all aspects of report creation and the web-accessible these new project planning and communicating tools, finance teams can create center-of excellence for reporting projects, both external and internal. This combination ensures reports are generated on-time, with few errors, and teams have more time to create the analysis, narrative, and design to take financial reports to the next level.

Read the full announcement or click here to learn more about Certent CDM and Certent 365.

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