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Certent Announces 30+% Increase in Year-over-Year Client Base and 25+% 4-Year Compound Annual Growth Rate

We're pleased to announce two huge statistics: a year-over-year client base expansion of over 30% and 4-year CAGR of over 25%! Both of these increases validate Certent’s investments in better user experiences and offering more control over mission critical compliance and finance processes.

Certent’s focus on customer experience, including design-led UX/UI advances to its core product lines and investments into customer success and support teams are responsible for its rapid growth. “We continue to see online consumer experiences raise the expectation for our financial compliance business applications,” said Michael Boese, Certent CEO. “A great user experience is key for any technology or service solution to stand out, and our design-led approach is delivering that across all our software products and services.”

Enterprise and Small-to-Medium sized organizations with complex financial reporting and equity plan management processes gravitate towards applications that are designed to simplify these challenging workflows. Recent customer additions also highlight the company’s momentum and winning strategy, including Moody’s, Franklin Financial, Illinois Casualty Company, NCS Multistage, CrossFirst Bank and CapStar Bank.

To handle the growth, Certent has opened new branch offices in Danbury, Connecticut and Denver, Colorado and expanded its financial compliance, administration and reporting teams and offerings which now service over 250 customers. Check out our Press Release for full details!

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