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Certent and Vena Partner To Bring Everyone Closer To Financial Utopia

Financial reporting is no easy task for any company of any size. In a perfect world, investors, board members, and executives would have full confidence in financial statements. They could rely on the numbers to make intelligent estimates of the magnitude, timing, and uncertainty of all future things economical. Everyone that needs to have easy and ubiquitous access to data, has it. Allowing those to easily make wise decisions about whether to invest in or acquire a company, thus promoting the efficient allocation of capital. Yes, that does sound nice, doesn't it?

Reality  is that we are far from in financial utopia. Closing the books after every quarter, receiving, pulling and filing all the bits and pieces of data according to internal governance or external governance is a gnarly beast for "most" (by most we mean, all) companies. Vena and Certent have already been working together since 2015 to bring the industry closer to this utopian vision. But this week, we are jointly announcing a deeper partnership that expands to international markets with a combined offering that provides intuitive and powerful regulatory and operational reporting solutions. Vena and Certent will expand in North America, Europe and Middle East/Africa, targeting mid-market and enterprise companies. With decades of experience in financial reporting, the companies share expertise from legacy platforms to today’s solutions – Vena CPM and Certent CDM.


venalogo-pngNEWWhat does Vena do in the partnership?

Vena is the first company to deliver a cloud platform of finance process management solutions that are trusted by finance and loved by business. Unlike traditional CPM software, Vena combines Microsoft Excel® with workflow automation, powerful reporting and analytics. As a result, finance leaders can trust their numbers and inform better business decisions while benefiting from the rapid adoption of its Microsoft Excel® interface.

What does Certent do in the partnership?

Certent's Disclosure Management platform accesses the financial performance data within Vena and allows users to link this data across Microsoft® products, updating tables and content from spreadsheets directly into regulatory documents in Microsoft Word® and management and board reports in Microsoft PowerPoint®. By connecting the reporting process from one step to the next, companies increase efficiency and maintain one version of the truth.

Vena and Certent customers can leverage proven technology and the deep expertise of both companies to advance their narrative reporting, budget books and board books report production, and management processes. Finance teams can shorten the reporting cycle time, maximize accuracy and meet compliance requirements.

View the Press Release Here.

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