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Integrated Financial Consolidation and Reporting - Certent and LucaNet Take on the Task

LucaNet and Certent Team-Up: Here are the Details

Business leaders make dozens of critical business decisions each workweek, and companies need accurate data and insights to inform those decisions better. But it’s not just data that the management team needs; it’s the context around the data. It’s impossible to make solid strategic (or even minor) decisions based on raw data alone. It’s the story behind the data that drives the decision. Both are critical pieces of an integrated process.

Certent and LucaNet have partnered to deliver a seamless reporting process from consolidation to report output. The partnership brings connected reporting to the next level enabling companies to dynamically pull source consolidation and FP&A data from LucaNet’s FPM software directly into Certent CDM, giving finance pros the power to produce presentation style reports in the click of a refresh button.

Certent's Disclosure Management platform accesses the financial consolidation and FP&A data within LucaNet and dynamically links it across Microsoft products, providing real-time data integration to management, board reports in Microsoft PowerPoint® and narrative reports produced in Microsoft Word® ensuring compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), and other global regulatory bodies. A dynamic link from all source data points directly into reports means customers benefit from real-time updates to one version of the truth.

LucaNet FPM software covers every process in the finance department with a single system and a single database. The software handles the complete process of preparing consolidated financial statements, financial planning, and reporting. Users have access to comprehensive information about data for past periods, figures in real-time, as well as forecasted financial data - ensuring transparency in both internal and external accounting. One, seemingly simple, number change can impact hundreds of instances within an annual or quarterly report. By integrating LucaNet’s consolidation engine with Certent CDM, the report output in Microsoft Word®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, or are pulling real-time data – eliminating the risk of misreporting.

The Certent/LucaNet partnership will help Finance teams at mid-market companies across the UK, France, and North America advance, optimize, and streamline their reporting process. Read the press release for more details.

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