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7 Reasons People Prefer Certent Over Other Equity Software Options

Top 7 Reasons to Partner with Certent

Finance teams are making the change in their software platform and are choosing Certent. But what is different about Certent that is drawing the crowd? Read on to find out the top 7 key reasons.

1. Price Consistency - Honesty is The Best Policy

Long-time, loyal customers of other solutions are being charged a-la-carte for existing services/features that they already subscribed to. This hidden pricing adds no additional value and is burning loyal customers to seek out what is new. Certent works with customers to ensure the price they pay is transparent. There is no bait and switch.

2. Enhanced Reporting Capabilities - A Step Above The Rest

Certent’s comprehensive solution is always growing and pacing above the rest, especially in regard to simplifying and streamlining all aspects of equity compensation reporting – this includes the five critical components of the ASC 718 regulatory framework: valuation, expensing, corporate tax, dilution and SEC disclosure. While private companies do not need to abide by these regulations, they can utilize our full suite of private company reports like, fully diluted cap table details, beneficial ownership summaries, and can easily access security transactions.

Certent users take advantage of the instant visibility into equity compensation across the enterprise and are able to re-focus limited resources on higher-value activities. Another favorite occurs when audit season comes--audits are made simple in every report, including indexed formulas and calculations.

3. Exceptional Support and Services - Unparalleled By Any Other Brand

Certent has developed strong internal vision regarding a service-above-self mentality. This has driven their internal teams to take equity software to new heights by developing an unparalleled level of support and by offering what other companies don't: live support, call, click, or email. The fruit of this push within the very culture of Certent has led to the attainment of a 99% client satisfaction rate--the highest in the industry

4. Industry Expertise - Decades in the Making

Certent has been delivering equity compensation software, services and reporting since 2002.  In fact, 85% of our equity compensation team have earned a minimum of level 1 CEP. Certent's team’s depth of reporting expertise, dedication to customer success, and knowledge of the product means customers get to maximize the effectiveness of their equity management systems with the help they need to get the job done on-time, and with an acute attention to accuracy. 

5. Broker Flexibility - The Power of Choice Without Disruption

Certent is the only vendor in the market to be broker-neutral which allows our customers to choose the best broker for their needs and should they need to make a change, they can--without having to migrate their data. This broker-connector system integrates and shares data between the broker trading system and the Certent platform, providing a seamless experience for equity plan participants. 

6. Scalability - The Future of Your Business is The Focus of Ours

Certent offers a SaaS platform solution that scales as your company grows – from start-up to publicly traded company.  Companies can add users and produce relevant reports as needed without worrying about procuring new hardware and other infrastructure components.

7. Success is in the Numbers - Certent Customers Speak

The below chart is verified by TechValidate, a 3rd party site dedicated to helping shoppers see honest numbers and facts about products as they compare. On it, you can see the majority of companies that switched to using Certent after having used another SaaS solution have experienced improved efficiency, reduced time spend, and have noted Certent's solution as a more stable and scalable product among other benefits. 

Care to learn more about Certent? Request a pressure-free demo to see for yourself what it would look like to work with Certent. 

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