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3 Reasons You Need a Disclosure Research Solution

Filing time is hectic. With deadlines looming and pressure to stay compliant, we’re all looking for a little time back in our day. One of the most manual and time consuming elements of filing time is searching through the EDGAR database for peer disclosures. But it’s a necessary evil, an important part of all public filings. If only there was an easier way. Well, there is. Here are three reasons you need a disclosure research solution.

1. Precedents – you can learn a lot by how others disclose different policies. Whether your organization is looking to introduce a new element to your filing or simply compare your disclosure to that of your peers, precedent research is crucial. In the event of rare or uncommon disclosures, this can quickly turn into a needle-in-a-haystack exercise. Rather than blindly researching in hopes of finding similar examples, keyword searches will find the same information in seconds.

2. Narrative Phrasing – how do others define the narrative behind their figures? Ensure you're in line with your industry or peer group. Just as important (maybe even more-so) as the raw numbers is the narrative explaining trends and discrepancies in reporting. Why reinvent the wheel when there are countless others who have been through this same exercise before? Understanding how others tell their story can help strengthen how you write about your numbers in regulatory filings. Efficient research helps you innovate the way you think about your disclosures.

3. Formatting – adapt already formatted disclosures saving your team much needed time and energy. Sometimes being different for the sake of being different is a bad thing. Formatting is one of those times. Take a look at how your peers and industry leaders format their disclosures to save yourself some leg work, and deliver your data in the most digestible and clear way possible.

Certent DisclosureNet has helped hundreds of companies just like yours with intuitive and efficient access to public disclosures. By locating qualitative and quantitative unstructured information to establish best practices and perform peer comparisons with ease, DisclosureNet takes away the manual and time-consuming element of searching through the EDGAR database, leaving you more time in your day to analyze the intelligence that matters most.

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